Information in English

STF Ingenjörsutbildning is a postgraduate education institute.

We are specializing in concentrated short application oriented training programs and courses.
Depending on the customer needs we can perform open or on-site trainings. Our home market is Sweden however we are regularly performing on-site training programs in other countries in Northern Europe. The programs range from introductory level to highly specialized and technical specialist levels. STF has some 30 employees and organizes more than 800 training activities, attended by some 10 000 participants on a yearly basis. The typical course length is 3 days.

Our lecturers are engaged from the industry and universities. Lecturers are not permanently employed by STF in order to secure that our programs offer objective and most recent knowledge achievements in respective competence area, this being an important part of our competence strategy. Since STF specializes in problem oriented courses we believe that the lecturers should share knowledge of the most recent experience of new technology accomplishments as well as new applications of old technology.

Our training programs are generally in Swedish. Please contact us for information about the possibility to arrange programs in English.