ELSA för elprovplats in english (Hitachi)

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This training is the main option for staff who only perform work on the test site / test room at Hitachi. The course is based on the adapted European standard SS-EN 50191, "Installation and maintenance of electrical test equipment". Here you will learn about staff requirements, practical risk management and testing procedures. After the course, you can work safely in both the laboratory and electrical test sites. Electrical testing is an activity that is often conducted under special circumstances. This entails an increased risk of both personal injury and property damage. In order to achieve satisfactory safety, it is important to know the current rules for working with electrical test equipment.

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Kursavgiften för digitalt klassrum är inklusive kursdokumentation och för fysiskt klassrum även inklusive måltidspaket (lunch och fika) om inget annat angetts.

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